Our mission is “to improve the patient care experience while producing better health outcomes.”

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Our mission is “to improve the patient care experience while producing better health outcomes.” -Dr. Mark Sarinopolous

Walter Cronkite once said, “America’s healthcare system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.” Our fragmented healthcare system is unable to meet the needs of patients after they leave the hospital, leaving them and their families to suffer unnecessarily.

In 2013, Dr. Mark Sarinopolous created Transitions Home Health Care, Inc. (Medicare A certified) and Transitions Chronic Care, Inc. (Medicare B home-based palliative care company) to fill these gaps. Our unique approach promotes well-coordinated care, which provides a smooth transition as patients move from the hospital back to home – whatever the path.

What sets us apart from other home health care companies?

“Unlike other home care companies – whose default response is generally to send symptomatic patients to the ER – the Transitions Home Health Care clinicians communicate early signs and symptoms of distress directly to the Transitions Chronic Care team. This enables myself or my Nurse Practitioners to provide a home visit to evaluate and address the situation before it becomes an emergency. We facilitate direct communication with the patient’s PCP and any involved specialists, keeping them current on the patients progress and plan of care. This approach prevents unnecessary ER visits and re-hospitalizations while improving the quality of the patient’s care and their overall health care experience.”

-Dr. Mark Sarinopoulos, CEO and founder of Transitions Healthcare, LLC.

Meet Dr. Mark

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Hello, my name is Dr. Mark Sarinopoulos. I am the Owner and CEO of Transitions Home Health Care, Transitions Chronic Care, and most recently Transitions Wellness and Therapy Care. I obtained my BA degree in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma and nearly completed my BA degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado prior to starting medical school. I earned my Medical Degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and completed my Family Medicine residency at the University of Colorado. I am board certified in Family Medicine as well as Hospice/Palliative Medicine. I spent 18 years in private practice and now spend my professional time supporting the Transitions Healthcare mission.

When I was in 7th grade, I was able to observe an abdominal surgery and an open heart surgery. I knew at that moment that I wanted to become a physician. Since then, I have spent my life learning as much as I can about the human body. Most humans are physically the same from one to the next, but we are all so different in appearance and psychologically. I started to look at every human interaction more closely and from the other person’s point of view. Empathy is the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. Most problems can be diagnosed and solved by listening. The more I learn and listen as a physician, the more I can help others. It is truly a privilege to be a physician.

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I am married to a wonderful lady named Alison and I have two daughters. My wife is a child and family therapist and this background has only elevated my understanding of the human connection. What I love most about being in Colorado is not only the opportunity to bring my vision to the forefront of the communities, but to enjoy every wonderful outdoor activity that Colorado has to offer.

I look forward to working with all of you and ask that you come join me in changing the face of health care.


Mark Sarinopoulos,MD

Owner/CEO Transitions Healthcare