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Transitions Wellness and Therapy Care provides “outpatient” physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services in the home or in a facility.

Outpatient therapy services in the home can help patients recover from setbacks related to orthopedic joint/muscle pain or dysfunction (pre-operative, non-operative, or post-operative), neurological diseases (MS, Parkinson’s disease, CVA, TBI, etc.), gait and balance abnormalities, dizziness, falls, cognitive decline or memory impairment, or swallowing dysfunction.

This may be a good option for many patients immediately following discharge from home health care who have ongoing functional deficits and would benefit from continuation of skilled therapy services.

Why Outpatient Therapy in the Home?

In our experience, many older adults who need outpatient rehab therapy services experience barriers that may prevent them from being able to attend an outpatient clinic multiple times per week to receive these services. Concerns surrounding transportation, pain, inclement weather, caregiver schedules, or time constraints can often impact a patient’s compliance or ability to make it to regularly scheduled outpatient appointments in a clinic. With our “at home” patient care model, all of these factors are eliminated and the patient can focus purely on his or her rehabilitation.

Additionally, patients who have received home health care services through Transitions Home Health are able to continue their rehabilitation through Transitions Wellness and Therapy Care with the same therapist(s) that they already know and trust. This eliminates gaps in treatment and prevents patient setbacks related to “getting to know” a new provider.

Our Post-Rehab Wellness Care program allows clients to have continued support and supervision with their exercise program following discharge from skilled therapy services. Our trained and experienced Wellness Provider will take clients through a therapist-prescribed exercise program to help them maintain their new level of physical functioning and independence.

As part of our Wellness Care program, we also offer CNA services to individuals who would benefit from help with self-care tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing or homemaking.